UNPLAN Shinjuku


Research and collaborative architecture studio with AIDA ATELIER, which it seeks solutions for renovation abandoned or obsolete structures.

Found and directing partner architect: Ilgin Ezgi Tunc
E-mail: ilgin@aidaa.jp
Phone: +39 324 901 5400

28 March 2019 GRAND OPEN: UNPLAN Shinjuku held reception party

We’re happy to announce UNPLAN Shinjuku has finally opened on 28 March 2019. Before the grand open, we had exhibition, reception party, trial stay and photo shooting. Lots of guests visited exhibition and party, more than 100 guests were participated in trial stay.

For the reception party, we prepared some exhibitions. Each room on only fifth floor has artworks, called “4 pieces for 4 rooms” collaborated by Naha Kanie (poet), Akane Nakajima (Artist) and Natsumi Aoyagi (Author). This commision works directed by Shintaro Wada from honkbooks will complement your stay in UNPLAN Shinjuku. Not only for fifth floor, but we exposed our bunk bed model in the lobby with special exhibition by these fantastic artists.

This second UNPLAN is upgraded, for example, bunk beds become more comfortable and functional. Regarding drastic opened lobby, we expect for being used in various way by guests and staff and they enjoy this space. On ground floor, there is a bar, guests and not staying visitors also can enjoy to spend time here.

Anyway, we welcome you to visit or stay nights at UNPLAN Shinjuku. Enjoy your Tokyo!

UNPLAN Shinjuku

Location: 〒160-0022 5-3-15 Shinjuku,bShinjuku-ku Tokyo
Phone: (+81)3-6384-1297
HP: UNPLAN Shinjuku

“TSUMI KIBAKO” will be exhibited in Fuorisalone, Milan Design Week 2019

“TSUMI KIBAKO” will be exhibited in Fuorisalone, Milan Design Week 2019

Fuorisalone is the set of events distributed in different areas of Milan on the same days when the Salone Internazzionale del Mobile takes place, which is staged in the stands of Rho Fiera. Every year, in April, Salone and Fuorisalone define the Milan Design Week, the most important event in the world for design. The Lambrate District, in the Northeast area of Milan, is an historical industrial part of the country; Lambrate Design District has been reconfirmed a cult location for all the design lovers of the world. Established district of the Design Week, the area is the symbol of innovation, freshness and quality. A cannot miss location for all the lovers and the experts of the field that visit the Fuorisalone: over 85,000 visitors has indeed visited the main venues. Described as the new Italian Brooklyn, Lambrate brings you out of the Milan chaos, to put you in a dimension that exudes ideas and innovation.

TSUMI KIBAKO “TSUMI KIBAKO” – this word is condensed a few meanings in japanese.TSUMI means pile, TSUMIKI means building blocks and KIBAKO means wooden box. TSUMI KIBAKO is designed for Miyakonojo City Library (Miyazaki, Japan), was renovated from shopping mall. One million people visited before one year had passed since the opening of April 2018.
TSUMI KIBAKO is designed with local furniture company and used local wood, camphor. They are flexible to adjust forms depending on library’s events. Three size boxes can be fixed easily with a simple joint, so users can rearrange for purpose. Just rotating, they become shelf, stand, basket or tray.

Miyakonojo City Library (Miyazaki, Japan)

Fuorisalone, Milan Deisgn Week 2019

Date: 9-14 April 2019

Location: Via Privata Massimiano, 6, 20134 Milano MI, Italy


Sponsor: KONGO CO., LTD


Exhibition Design: Ilgin Ezgi Tunc (AIDA ATELIER)