Hostel | Akabane, Tokyo | 2015

Hotel ICHINICHI is a small hostel located in a local shopping street of Akabane, Tokyo. It is retrofitting an existing five-story reinforced concrete building with history.
The accumulation of time embedded in this old but charming building appears to present an alternative image of modern Tokyo’s development, which we have become accustomed to. As such, we started by carefully subtracting existing elements to reveal and at times emphasize the multiplicity of its spatial layers.
The personal spaces in the shape of nested huts were then installed in the building’s redefined interior space. The size for these huts are carefully designed to provide just enough space for an average guest to stand and sleep with his/her arms wide open, relax, refresh and sleep comfortably.

Architect (Renovation): Aida Atelier

Construction: San-esu Kensetsu
Site Area: 99.0m2
Building Area: 78.85m2
Total Floor Area: 371.83m2
Structure: Reinforced Concrete

Website: Hotel ICHINICHI

Photography: Tatsuya Noaki


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