Furniture | Time Space Existence, Venice | 2018

UNPLAN Bunk introduces interior design for micro spaces with its minimal details for travelers. The exhibition consists of story-telling with one of the real size bunk bed of Unplan Kagurazaka Hostel which is opened in 2016.

Curation of the exhibition is based on experiences of the travelers who has experienced fully while staying in one of the bunk bed and environment of the Hostel. Therefore, each visitor`s imagination is a part of the exhibition while they chance to see real size 1-unit bed with traveler`s belongings. Recently accommodation services such as hotels, hostels etc. are dealing with shorten spaces especially in center of cities where are touristic spots are concentrated. However, rising of mobile devices with internet era have positive impact on small spaces. Tokyo is one of the frontier cities which came up capsule hotel solution for hosting service area. Instead of capsule hotels, Unplan Bed provides conventional and minimal approach for its design.

The design intention of Unplan bed was to create a minimal yet fully comfortable and private environment for guests. While natural light and views to the streets are provided, each guest is able to control the level of privacy by using the curtain of each unit. Each bed is also equipped with a headboard containing a security box, a lighting fixture for both direct and ambient lightings, and an electrical outlet. Its interior design is fully embodied simplicity and minimalism which aims to be customized by each guest. The exhibition projects guest`s Instagram pictures how they like to stay and design their own `Unplan Beds`.

Photography: Davide Galli