UNPLAN Shinjuku

Hostel | Shinjuku, Tokyo | 2019

UNPLAN Shinjuku, the first branch of UNPLAN, is renovated about 30 years old office building to hostel and bar. The keyword is “Urban Play”. Main aim of design is to generate space for unexpected (UNPLAN) encounters, playful communication and individual coziness for visitors. The lobby on the first floor is inspired by square in city in which people cross each in their own way. The walls, ceiling and counters are decorated with pop colors and covered expand metal. These motifs are from vivid scenery with thousands of signboards, neon and metallic emergency stairs with buildings in Shinjuku. By hanging artworks, vegetations and decorations on expand metal, space can make various atmosphere. Regarding original bunk beds, sideboard efficiently has a security box, a coat hook and a space for keeping bag in each room. All private rooms on the fifth floor have various artworks cooperated by poet and artists. These specials make each room site specific.

UNPLAN Shinjuku Official Website

Architect (Renovation): Aida Atelier / Lighting Design: Izumi Okayasu Lighting Design / Sign and Logo Design: insence / Artworks in Private Room: Aida Atelier (Supervisor), honkbooks Shintaro Wada (Producer), Kanie Naha, Natsumi Aoyagi, Akane Nakajima (Art) /Construction: SHIMIZU CORPORATION (Architecture), SHIN NIPPON AIR TECHNOLOGIES (Facilities), Daelim One, Interior office one (Beds) / B1F Bar Architect (Interior): DESIGN LABEL KNOT / Construction: MONOCOM / Photography: Tatsuya Noaki

Site Area: 344.21㎡
Building Area: 303.32㎡
Total Floor Area: 1,663.61㎡
Structure: Reinforced Concrete

Website: UNPLAN Kagurazaka


商店建築2019年11月号, 商店建築社
ライフスタイルホテルデザイン, アルファ企画, 2019